Friday, November 12, 2004

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Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
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Date: 2 November 2004
Summary: Such a beautiful love!

¡°How perfect the consequence of this movie is!¡± This is the second time I have watched the movie ¡± Sleepless in Seattle!¡± To tell the truth, I really like this movie, not only the story itself but also the hero and heroin in the movie .The hero Sam the sadness of death of his wife. The heroin Annie was in the happiness of her engagement with her handsome fiancé Walter. Sam and Annie, one is far from each other. However, they get together at last on the top of the Empire .All of this is just because of a radio program. There were so many women in America listened to this program

and Annie is just one of them ,but some special feeling occurred to Annie after listening to this radio program ,it is this kind of special feeling which change her whole life .The director use a different way to direct this movie. The ¡°movie¡± in the movie and the movie imitate the movie in the movie. However, I don¡¯t think the movie in the movie is so moving that everyone in the movie was moved to tear when they talked about it. I thank maybe every girl around me all like to see the romantic movie, and the handsome hero and beautiful heroin in the movie ,dreaming of meeting a Mr prince and then begin a romantic love. But unlike the movie, the romantic love is seldom happened in reality, only few people are luck enough to experience it. Just like an old saying ¡°The miracle will happen to anybody else but you¡± .I admire the bravery of Annie .She is a lovely , beautiful and smart woman .She gave up the happiness at hand .At that time she ventured to go along with her feeling at a though. She was not sure whether she can get the happiness that she was hoping for. Jonah, Sam¡¯s son, a cleaver boy inclination to Annie .I think it is not coincidence that they get together at last .It is the love that make them get together. In Chinese saying ¡°It is destiny¡±. Any way, it is good movie, I like it very much. It is an enjoyable thing to watch this movie. When you are watching this movie, you will know everything .If you don¡¯t believe me! Try it please!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Who are I? Who Are We?

We are from Guangxi University of Technology (GXUT).Recently we have just concluded our course English Through Movies,which lasted two month in this academic year.I showed my three classes such movies as Sleepless in Seattle,Parent Trap,The Shanshawk Redemption,As Good As It Gets,The Dead Poet Society,etc. More than one hundred students were with me throughout the course.After each movie,student did quizzes for comprehension work.I used those questions from or to make the quizzes interesting and meaningful.Some did relatively well in the quizzes while some didn't do so well as their English was not sufficient for English movies.They relied too much on the subtitles,which were often in Chinese.
Now that the course is over,I have asked students to role-play some episode of the movies as part of the terminal examination from which they get credits in their study. Some shy students admitted they were poor at stage performances and,therefore,they would choose to write short movies comments and get them published on
Below is the first movie review from a girl-student,who is now a junior in our department. I didn't check her grammar mistakes in her writing so that viewers will have a chance to read authentic writing from Chinese students who learn English as foreign language (EFL). I wish my students could read writings from other non-English speaking countries and make friends with them.
The Internet has brought us EFL teacher an unprecedented golden age for teaching English.So far I have brought over one thousand students both in and outside our college online,who have ,more or less,benefitted from online learning.Two or three of my colleagues have made efforts in joining me online.You are welcome to see them online: